Engineered Wood Flooring in Mansfield

wood flooring in mansfieldIf it’s premium quality Engineered Wood Flooring in Mansfield you are interested in Floorstylers have put together several of the finest Engineered wood flooring items on offer at the very best prices. The multi-layered composition of engineered wood flooring makes the whole floor more sturdy compared to a solid wood floor product, regardless of whether climate and ambient humidity varies over the seasons. The crossed layers combat the organic motions of the timber flooring. Adjusting the track of the fibres, through numerous tiers, gives a more robust floor which is more tolerant to a change in humidity in the indoor conditions. This also allows many high-quality engineered wood flooring in Mansfield to be fitted over under floor heating systems.

Engineered wood flooring in Mansfield – Environmentally Sound

Engineered wood floors are additionally a lot more environmentally-friendly than some solid wood flooring, as fast-growing wood varieties such as pine can be used as the intermediate layer, with a good hard wood top layer commonly Oak, Beech, Maple, Jatoba, Cherry, lowering the quantity of valuable hardwood that is necessary for a solid wood floor. High-quality engineered wood floors may be sanded three or four times covering the lifetime of the floor, like a solid wood floor. We stock top quality branded engineered wooden floors and components from Kahrs, Boen, OFD, Elka, Quickstep, Junkers, Norskë and many others.

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If your trying to find inspiration for you new flooring, we will post you pamphlets with up to date merchandise details and breathtaking installation photos to give you new ideas, and keep you up-to-date with the hottest Wood Flooring Styles and Designs, we have Brochures for Engineered Wood Flooring, Solid Wood Floors and Laminate Floors. For more information or for a complimentary quote on engineered wood flooring in Mansfield contact the experts today.