Engineered Wood

Wood Flooring has been around for many centuries in one form or another but, its not since the last few decades that its made it into the average home. Engineered Wood Flooring East Midlands is a little bit different from Solid Wood Flooring as its been Engineered to create a better fitting, more stable product. It typically consists of a 3-4mm layer of Real Wood Veneer that has been bonded to a backing of Plywood that has then been machined with either a Tongue & Groove or more commonly nowadays a Click Locking System.


  1. Wood ply construction (“sandwich core”): Uses multiple thin plies of wood adhered together. The wood grain of each ply runs perpendicular to the ply below it. Stability is attained from using thin layers of wood that have little to no reaction to climatic change. The wood is further stabilized due to equal pressure being exerted lengthwise and widthwise from the plies running perpendicular to each other.


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