Laminate Flooring East Midlands has been our primary business from the very beginning. It’s still the easiest way to achieve the Wood Floor look at a fraction of the cost. From its humble beginnings back in Sweden in 1977, its popularity in Britain has been steadily increasing since the early 90’s. But in 1997, the Glueless Click System was invented by a company called Unilin based Wielsbeke, Belgium. This innovation created a Laminate Flooring boom right across Europe by the late 90’s. Unilin, decided to patent this breakthrough design as the UNICLIC system and it went on to revolutionize the Laminate Flooring industry Worldwide to the present day.

Laminate flooring has come a long way in a very short time and there are new innovative products been brought to market all the time. Although some critics initially considered it ‘cheap’ looking compared to expensive Wooden Floors, over the last few years Laminate has really come in to its own by becoming more like Wood than ever before. Combine that with being virtually half the price of a Real Wood Floor and being much more practical, there’s little wonder that it’s still our most popular Floor Covering.

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Please feel free to browse just a small selection of some of the many Floors installed by Floorstylers over the years. Hopefully it will inspire you with some new ideas for your own home and if you see anything you like just let us know and we will do our best to help you create you’re very own dream Floor. Contact us today for a free quote on laminate flooring East Midlands.


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