Laminate Flooring East Midlands has been our primary business from the very beginning. It’s still the easiest way to achieve the Wood Floor look at a fraction of the cost. From its humble beginnings back in Sweden in 1977, its popularity in Britain has been steadily increasing since the early 90’s. But in 1997, the Glueless… Read more »

Engineered Wood

Wood Flooring has been around for many centuries in one form or another but, its not since the last few decades that its made it into the average home. Engineered Wood Flooring East Midlands is a little bit different from Solid Wood Flooring as its been Engineered to create a better fitting, more stable product. It… Read more »

Steps & Stairs

All concrete surfaces, regardless of age or grade level, will emit or conduct some degree of moisture, usually in the form of a vapor. This is a natural function of concrete. However, too much moisture emission without a proper moisture barrier has resulted in flooring failures. Therefore, all slabs should be tested for moisture before… Read more »